Spring Heeled Jack


Spring Heeled Jack blurred the line between man and monster as he terrorized Victorian England with his mischievous antics. Jack was said to have looked like a devil and to have worn a helmet, metal claws, a black cloak and tight-fitting clothes. So, basically, he was Batman and Wolverine mixed into one – Dark Claw! But he also had inhuman features (which is why we include him on this list), such as fiery red eyes and the abilities to leap to impressive heights and breathe flames.

Jack mainly was a gentlemanly figure who lived to frighten and mystify, jumping into the path of pedestrians to surprise them and then leaping away over walls and fences, shrieking with laughter into the night. He also had a more sinister side and was reported to have forcefully felt up a few innocent women. Whether Jack was just a product of mass hysteria or based somewhere in truth, he became a part of popular culture in mid-19th Century British fiction. Jack has been mostly forgotten in recent years, but you know this is a historical superhero film just waiting to happen.

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