The Dreaded Goatman of Maryland

The legend of the Goatman has been a part of Maryland folklore for over sixty years. Described as a hybrid beast that bears a horrific mélange of both human and goat-like characteristics, this horned, hoofed creature has been seen by eyewitnesses in the areas of Forestville and Upper Marlboro in Prince George’s County since 1957.

But it was in the summer of 1962 when the Goatman made its first official appearance when it was accused of killing no less than fourteen people — twelve children and two accompanying adults.

The Encounter at Governor Bridge Road

The most notorious incident involving the Goatman happened on July 14th, 1962 when five teenagers went to visit an abandoned farmhouse near Governor Bridge Road in Bowie, Maryland. After entering the house they were suddenly confronted by an armored figure with horns and hooves that stood approximately seven feet tall. The teenagers ran out of the house screaming and soon after police arrived to investigate. They found nothing but strange claw marks on one wall inside the house, which was believed to have been left by the Goatman himself.

Witnesses described hearing loud animal-like screams coming from within the woods nearby, followed by an unearthly roar that echoed throughout the area. Some even claim to have seen a large humanoid figure lurking in the shadows near Governor Bridge Road for weeks afterward. While there are no concrete records or proof that these sightings actually occurred, many believe this is evidence enough to support their claims of a real-life Goatman roaming around Prince George’s County.

Theories Behind Its Existence

To this day there are several different theories regarding what exactly this creature might be, ranging from an extraterrestrial being to a supernatural entity created through witchcraft or some other unknown dark magic ritual. Some locals have even suggested that it could be some sort of interdimensional being or even an ancient god from another realm. Whatever its origin may be, all agree that anyone who encounters this creature should take extreme caution because it is not something to be trifled with!


The legend of the dreaded Goatman continues to live on today despite its mysterious origins and lack of physical evidence proving its existence. However, hundreds if not thousands of people claim to have encountered this mysterious beast over the past few decades and all agree that it is not something to be taken lightly! Whether you choose to believe these reports or not is up for debate but one thing remains certain; if you ever find yourself wandering around Prince George’s County late at night you may want to keep your eyes peeled for any sign of this legendary creature!

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