The Mysterious Atmospheric Beasts of the Sky

Every once in a while, stories and reports surface about mysterious beasts being spotted in the sky. These creatures are said to have semi-solid bodies yet remain invisible to the naked eye, often seen as UFOs. While these stories may seem like mere tall tales, Ivan T. Sanderson theorizes that they could actually be animals living in the clouds!

To understand how such creatures could exist, we must first look at the atmosphere itself. The atmosphere is composed of multiple layers of gases – oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and more – that form an invisible barrier between us and space. There are also many tiny particles suspended in this gas layer which can reflect light or cause other atmospheric phenomena such as rainbows and lightning storms.

It is within this dynamic environment that Ivan T. Sanderson believes these mysterious beasts could reside. He suggests that some animals may have adapted to live in this gaseous environment by having semi-solid bodies that would not collapse due to gravity or dissipate into the air due to wind pressure. Such creatures may also have evolved a way for their body cells to absorb energy from electrical fields created by thunderstorms and lightning strikes – allowing them to “fly” as well as remain invisible for long periods of time.

His theory is supported by reports from all over the world from people who claim to have seen strange flying creatures with no visible wings or means of propulsion. It is possible that what they were witnessing was actually an atmospheric beast soaring through the sky!

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