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If David Icke is to be believed, reptilians are shape-shifting, humanoid lizards from space that have infiltrated the top levels of government and are even now impersonating our world leaders. Dick Cheney has been called a reptilian, as have George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

While reptilians are able to change their shape to resemble humans, conspiracists also believe that they have a vast underground civilization. One eyewitness reports a subterranean encounter in 1995 with a group of cavers in Missouri: “This ‘creature,’ because it was not a man, stood about 7 foot and had brown scaly skin. The face and head were shaped like a human with a flat nose but there were no ears or hair…It also had a massive 4-5 foot tail that tampered (sic) to a point. It was dressed in a gold metallic outfit with long pants and shoes.”

Other people have since claimed to have run across strange, reptilian creatures in caves. One person supposedly managed to take a picture of the creature.

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