The Mysterious Dover Demon

It was a night like any other in the small town of Dover, Massachusetts. That is until three brave locals encountered something so strange and otherworldly that it has been talked about for decades. On April 21st and 22nd of 1977, the Dover Demon was seen by multiple people on three separate occasions.

This creature has puzzled experts for years, with some believing it to be an alien, a hybrid experiment gone wrong, or even an interdimensional traveler. Let’s take a closer look at this mysterious being.

The Dover Demon’s Features

The Dover Demon was described as having an egg-shaped head similar to that of a watermelon, but with no visible eyes or ears. Its neck seemed to stretch almost all the way down to its shoulders and its body was slimy and hairless. Though some witnesses described its skin as blue-gray, others said it had an orange hue with yellow spots along its back and legs. Furthermore, the creature had clawed hands and feet as well as webbed toes that enabled it to move rapidly between trees in order to avoid capture.

What is the Dover Demon?

Though many theories have been suggested as to what the Dover Demon may have been – from aliens or interdimensional travelers to hybrid experiments gone wrong – no definitive answer has ever been found. For example, UFO researcher Raymond Fowler believes that this creature might have been “an extraterrestrial biological entity” (or EBE) sent here by aliens in order to observe us without being noticed by humans themselves; however, this theory is still up for debate due to lack of evidence.

Meanwhile, biologist William Sheehan believes that the creature could have been a species of primate that went undiscovered until now – though he admits that this would be highly unlikely given this species’ lack of eyesight or ears and unique webbed toes which are not present in any known primates today.


The mystery of the Dover Demon still remains unsolved after more than 40 years since its original sighting in 1977 — but one thing is certain; whether alien, interdimensional traveler or hybrid experiment gone wrong — it certainly left multiple witnesses deeply disturbed and pondering over what they saw on those fateful nights in April all those years ago…

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