While we’re on the topic of giant bat-like cryptids, we have to mention the Ahool, which has been sighted several times in the Java rainforests of Indonesia. Like the Olitau, the Ahool is massive—reported to have a 10 foot (3 meter) wingspan with giant claws at the ends of its forearms. The Ahool was first documented in 1925 by a naturalist by the name of Dr. Ernest Bartels, who watched the giant bat emerge from behind a waterfall towards dusk. He named it based on its distinctive cry, a long “Ahoooool” as it flew overhead.

Two years later, Bartels heard the creature again. He pulled together a search party and rushed out into the jungle to find it. It’s been suggested that the Ahool is really a large owl, but everyone who saw it claimed that it was definitely a bat-like creature, not a bird. Other theories are that it is a flying primate, and even a living pterosaur that managed to remain secluded from the world deep in the nearly impenetrable Indonesian rainforest.